Learning to Make the Best of the Life I've Been Given

I am a Bay Area-based writer, nonprofit fundraising consultant, activist, dancer, wife, and mother to several babies in heaven. I am also in the process of adopting a child. I am hoping this blog will do many things, chiefly:

  • Be a place where I can make my reality visible to the world as a #StillMother (a mother who has no living children)
  • Talk about how I survive these losses on a day-to-day, in hopes of giving other #StillMothers, bereaved parents, and anyone who struggles with grief and depression the knowledge that they are not alone, and that there are things that they can do to make life more liveable.
  • Explore ways that I can move from simply surviving (although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!) to thriving, because I want to live the best life that I can live, despite all that’s happened to me.

My story about the loss of my daughter Naima can be found on Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope. You can find out more about me and my writing on my author web site, and you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for being here.

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